Custom orders

Custom order procedure

Order flowchart
Step 1

Place an order through our Custom apparel design page

Step 2

The design will be made and sent to you for approval through your prefered method of communication.

Step 3

When approved, let us know about the order you’d like to place.

Step 4

The order will be then produced and shipped to your door.

Design and product pricing

See here for bulk order pricing

$60 – Apparel design

A design for any apparel of your choice. This excludes apparel with simple designs such as caps.

$10 – Design translation

Take one design and adapt it to another apparel i.e. a jersey design adapted for a bomber jacket.

Free – Light modifications

If you need to update your logo, adjust few colors or update your sponsors, we got you

??? – ???

Got something special in mind? Let us know and we’ll give you a quote.